Best Calling App For Android

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Best Phone Call App in Google Play
Call Recorder – record phone calls for free
Cheap or free international calls to over 200 countries
Can display the caller phone number
Great voice quality at super low VoIP rates for US and global calls
Free VoIP calls, cheap International calls
Free SMS text, free international texting
Check In Daily to Earn Free Credits
Get Bonus Credits ?? for Each Call You Make
Pay As You Go with Google Wallet

With WePhone – the best calling app on your device , you can make cheap calls with crystal clear voice quality and enjoy free text & free calls between WePhone users!

VERY VERY EASY TO USE! No configuration is required. You get trial phone calls right after download with free gift credit.
Call over WiFi/3G/4G/GPRS, no roaming costs even you make phone calls from abroad, call from anywhere with the same rates!
Calling rates are amazingly low! Only list a few:

Dial a phone number directly from your existing phone contacts.
One tap to record calls, the recorded voice files can be shared via email or other popular Apps.
Call conversation is securely encrypted. Prevent phone service from being blocked in any countries.
Easily purchase PAY-AS-YOU-GO phone call credits using Google Wallet right within the App.
No hidden costs, no connection fee.
No expiration date for your calling credits
Ask customer service for help at any time.


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