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Stop apps from spying on you! This App alerts you when your camera, microphone, bluetooth, and WiFi are activated AND allows you lock your hardware so invasive apps won’t be able to spy on you.

This App is the first anti-spy app that gives you complete control! In this day and age, privacy is a big concern. There are many invasive apps out there that discretely collect your personal information as well as track your location, record your conversations and even use your camera to video record your activities.

This App will help protect your privacy from invasive apps by alerting you when an application is trying to spy on you using your phone’s camera, microphone, bluetooth or WiFi connections. This App also lists running and installed apps that have access to tracking your location. This App also allows you to lock down your device’s hardware to prevent other apps from accessing your hardware without your knowledge.

This App is not your typical anti-spyware solution. A typical anti-spyware solution relies on a database of known definitions. Such a method does not offer solid protection as there are viruses and spyware being created everyday. A recently released virus or spyware will be unknown to the database, bypassing your typical anti-spyware solution and, as such, would be able to access your system. This App offers a layer of protection that is in your control and is very reliable.This App operates in a unique way, allowing you complete control in managing your mobile device’s internal hardware. When a potential malicious app tries to open your camera, microphone, bluetooth or WiFi to spy on you This App lets you know and lets you completely lock them down.

features to completely secure your privacy:

• Secure Camera
• Secure Microphone
• Secure Bluetooth
• Secure WiFi
• Smart Sense
• List Installed Tracking Apps
• Real Time Alerts
• Multiple Alert Modes

Once you run This App on your device it is already working and protecting your privacy. You can then customize which alerts you want to receive. When you exit or close This App , don’t worry, we still have you covered!This App will still be protecting you as it will be working in the background.


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