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Remotely divert or forward all calls (if carrier allows to) & SMS via text message with Remote SMS Call Forward / Divert.

1. Check if the Prefix and Suffix values are correct for your network carrier
(usually to forward all your calls you will have to dial “**21*PhoneNumber#”).
In other networks the Prefix may be different.

2. Check the forward conditions (SMS/Calls) and correct them if needed.

3. You’re good to go!
If you forget your phone at home just send a SMS from another phone to your phone with the password, command and the new number. e.g. “pass all number” – where:
“pass” is the password;
“all” represents the command (forward calls and SMS);
“number” represents the phone number you want to redirect to;

4. If you want to stop the forwarding just send a SMS with the password from the new phone to your phone.


all – forward both SMS and calls;
sms – forward only SMS;
calls – forward only calls;

SMS examples commands:

“pass calls 01234567”
“pass sms 01234567”
“pass all 01234567”

What does it do?

Divert all calls (if carrier allows to, based on a string provided) and SMS to the phone number provided via SMS;

Can customize redirection string (prefix and suffix) to make the application suitable for you carrier;

Uses a password to enable / disable divert via SMS. For disabling divert send the password;

Receive notification via SMS regarding the divert request;


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