Best App For Know Information

Get all information from your child’s mobile phone online. Protect children from dangerous situations they may get into by preventing them thanks to our app. Install the app on the target phone and notify the phone owner. Use our surveillance app for legal purposes only.

You can get and receive all messages, view contact list and incoming and outgoing calls information, and detect phone location.

Here is the list of data you can get in your account

You will get from the target device:

Texting / Messages
Viber / Whatsapp
GPS location / tracking history
Contact list
Phone numbers and names
Incoming calls
Outgoing calls
Stop-off with coordinates and time
Battery information
Event notifications
Geofences / geozones
Unlimited amount of devices
Online real-time information update
Timely tech support

You can accumulate phone information in your account and analyze it from any place at any moment. Keep the kids safe!


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