Best Floating Tube Player App

Listen to the musics and watch videos from Youtube player in a small screen while you’re working, chatting and navigating in another screen. Videos are played when you are at main screen, Whatsapp, Facebook App etc…

You can adjust the size and transparency of video popup working in small screen. Moreover, drag and drop wherever you want. For example, you can drag on top of the screen while chatting at Whatsapp.

This program lets you listenning to the musics without downloading.

– Search musics and videos.
– Create your playlists.
– Discover Youtube musics and videos.
– Choose your country and View top list in there.
– Import Playlists from Youtube player
– View last played and most playing list
– Multiple theme options
– Separate playlist for popup small screen

Note: According to Youtube Terms of Use we can’t play videos at lockscreen.


– Play videos as you were at Youtube player.
– You can watch video with a small screen in another application.
– Drag and drop small screen wherever you want.
– Set transparency of screen. Therefore, you can obtain a flue view.


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