Best App For On Off Wifi Blutooth

This app is an alarm timer with App, WiFi, Bluetooth, network, and automatic mode settings.
You can start and stop apps automatically at any time, and of course, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.

Commute, study, you can use it to suit your time of sport.? You just forgot to call or send massages to your friends? You usually come in late? You forget to check your important emails. You need someone to remind for times. Let the phone become your personal secretary. Automatic reminders of the work and giving you good habits.

This free app will help you to inform you of the important facts. Remind you of the time medication, exercise, daily activities schedule. News timer checks, your mailbox.

The app help you for automatic sms massages sending and call outgoing to your relatives, friends, colleagues or simply wake you up on time. Help your job is done correctly and in full.

 With the main functions such as:

– Timer to run any application
– Reminds you of important events before they occur.
– Reminding list to do by displaying notification.
– Schedule call timer..
– Schedule sms timer.
– Set up music timer.
– Timer send a message on messager app.
– Timer open a web browser with any website..
– Timer turn on or turn off wifi.
– Timer to Change Mode (Normal, Vibrate, Mute


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