Best Photo Phone Dialer App

My Photo Phone Dialer is personalized your calling dial screen. We have provided all the dialing features in this photo dialer. There are call logs and contacts or dial pad with a photo of your choice and settings to customize it the way you want it to. Place a photo of your choice to make a dial screen of your own. Caller screen with pictures is an important feature because it allows you to see who is calling you. This is application which is happy to helps you to set different dialer wallpaper for your dialer screen. Now see your photo or your besties photo while you dial a number or calling someone. Just try this useful application, it will more suitable for your phone with custom menu access of contacts or call log details. Here, you get amazing and beautiful user interface with my photo phone dialer caller screen you never have seen before this.

Features of My Photo Phone Dialer:

Select a photo from the gallery or capture with a camera.
Attractive and unique phone dialers.
Smooth and fast dialer screen.
Easily to edit profile photo to all contacts user id from the app.
Full contact list with a search option.
Full-screen photo dialer call themes for android.
Real dialer sound effects.
Customize daily theme.
Lock screen with a different theme and different shape.

If your dialer keypad or whole incoming and outgoing caller screen are nice and beautiful looks and attractive look with your photos then everybody will think once about your color and unique photo caller dialer screen. Through My photo phone dialer application, you gets different dialer wallpaper like nature, love, abstract also provide home screen lock screen with a different theme and different shape. We have provided all the dialing features in this photo phone dialer. Privacy hides incoming caller id by which you can hide your private contact for incoming calls.

My photo phone caller screen will display high quality full-screen photo of the caller when you get a phone call, make a phone call or miss a phone call. The full-screen caller id will let you quickly recognize the caller and help you make the decision on the phone call. Its like Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from an awkward situation and like boring meeting, annoying conversation or meaningless interview. Customize it the way you want it and stop using the boring phone’s calling dial pads.

Once you have installed the application it is very simple to set up all the configurations you desire. You have different panels where you can choose what to be displayed. Now you can simply change and modify your phone style. Add your dashing photo to dialer keypad. Caller assistance for incoming calling and outgoing calling for phone locator apps. You can change ringtone of incoming calls and set ringtone caller tune for android. By installing My photo phone app dialer, it is very simple to set up all the features with your desire.

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