Best App For Background Recorder

Background Recorder is app designed to capture image | record video | record audio without preview or without user interface, with no bother to open native camera or voice recorder when needed immediately.

Record Video | Audio | Take photo in background, even when screen is off.

Background Video Recorder
Background Image Capture
Background Audio Recorder


Take photo or Record video quickly by long-pressing volume down button
You may choose to record audio only
Useful when you have no time to open camera app or recording device
Continue recording in background while you are busy in other task
Start recording audio while your device is in pocket
Expose accident, crimes & wrongdoing of others as surveillance and security
Capture right and rare moments
Never miss to capture anything by spending time to open camera
Enable/Disable shutter sound
Hide/Show notification
Integrated Gallery
Light-Weight with material design


When you want to capture something with camera immediately.
When you want to use other functions/apps while recording in background.
When you want to use camera while screen is off or device is locked.
When you want to start voice recorder while your device is in your pocket | bag.
Can be used as surveillance and security


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