Best App For Anti Theft and App Lock App

Best Anti-Theft App Lock for Android!

Only App lock that protects your privacy and prevents theft by securing the power off and restart option with a password!

lockIO’s Anti-Theft System is designed to interfere and prevent mobile phones robbery.

With the App lock feature, protect apps with a Password, PIN or Pattern to secure your privacy with this unique security app ??

Hide Photos and Videos from the Gallery NOW!

Use our awesome photo locker and video vault to secure your privacy and nobody will access your private files without consent! ??

You won’t have to use phone finder apps with the best app lock on Play Store! ??

Our Premium version integrate features that will transform your phone into a house alarm with this awesome security app lock for Android to interfere and prevent your phone theft ??

If you ever lost your smartphone or got stolen, you know that horrible feeling of losing (almost) everything and being extremely exposed to identity theft, chargeable incoming call, and personal data leaks.

We know how that feels, that’s why we developed a security app to prevent, block, and interfere with any thief intention to steal your device. ????

Send the GPS location where an intruder tries to disable your phone!

Trigger an alarm when the authorized SIM Card has been removed from your device! ??

Power Lock: Block the shutdown and restart options by requesting a password or pattern lock
Alarm System: Play a loud alarm when maximum incorrect attempts are reached
Vibrate: Vibrates when intruders enter the wrong password
Intruder Selfie: Take a Selfie of the intruder and send it to your email
Power off GPS Location: Send the location of the attempted power off location
SIM Extraction Alert: When your SIM Card is removed, an alarm will start playing
App Lock: Pro Way to Lock Apps with a Password, PIN or Pattern (Fingerprint scanner Soon!)
Hide Media: Use the Vault to Hide Photos from Gallery or Hide Private videos and voice notes from intruders
Advanced Security: Set a Time Lock, Change Features and Other Security Systems
Select between Pattern, PIN or Alphanumeric to lock apps and block the power button

Allow this app to use the Android Device Manager access (we request this permission to enable block uninstallation of lockIO)


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