Best Fast Browser and Downloader

Fast Browser is the best video downloader for all website and social media. It allows you to download video from F b/insta/Twitter and any other social media. You also can watch movies from all websites. Videos can be saved and play offline.

Best downloader to download video
With Fast Browser, you can download video with fast download speed. It will give you the fastest experience to download video from all website and social media.

One-Click video downloader
Fast Browser will auto detect video, all you need to do is one click on download. It will be easy for you to save video and play video offline on your device.

Full featured download manager
The powerful download manager can support multiple files downloading at the same time. You can easily manage your downloads and pause or resume downloads at any time. All formats are supported.

Fast access to all websites
Fast Browser allows you to have fast access to various hotspots, browse the latest news, and enjoy popular music. It also gives you smooth access to any social media and video website to watch video you like and movie for free.

Private mode
With the private mode, you can browse websites and watch videos without leaving any trace to keep your secrets from others.

#special functions#
* Search and watch free video and mobile movie from social media and websites.
* Download video from F b/insta/Twitter and other social media and websites
* Save and play videos offline anytime and anywhere with Fast Browser
* Online video downloader can auto detect video and you can download video with one click.
* Fast download speed to give you the best video download experience.
* Unlimited access to download video and music from all social media.
* Powerful download management, easily pause, resume and delete downloads at any time.
* Download multiple videos at the same time in background.
* MP4 Downloader support all formats, including mp4, flv, mkv, mov, mp3, avi, wav, M4V…
* Smooth access to hotspot sites to view popular news, enjoy free music and movies.
* Securely store various data and securely record various passwords without re-entering.
* Support multiple tabs, so you can switch freely while browsing multiple websites
* Private mode, without leaving any trace of browsing websites and watching videos.

Notice: Due to policy reasons, download from Youtube is not supported. By choosing Fast Browser means you agreed that you will not use it for copyright infringement or forgery. Fast Browser is not responsible for following behaviors: any unauthorized activities, include but not limited to upload and download videos. Thanks for choosing Fast Browser.

Fast Browser is the best choice to browse news, enjoy movies, watch and download video from all website and social media.


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