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Go Live, watch amazing Live shows, play fun games & earn real money!

HEY YOU! It’s time to join the largest broadcasting community in the world — LiveMe??! Now, you can chat with people from over 85 countries, watch exciting new shows, and make money by showing off your skills!
Finding people who love the same stuff you do is super easy and fast with millions of people sharing screen-space on LiveMe!

– Broadcast whenever you want, be an influencer, and make up to $20K-30K in a week!
– Use Instagram to promote your live broadcasts!
– Catch new shows and stand a chance to win exciting prizes
– Receive virtual gifts and convert them into real money rewards!
– Discover, meet, and connect with new people near you or around the world!
– Find and chat with people who have same interests as you!
– Meet real friends, influencers, stars, and big name celebrities!

Q: What can I do on LiveMe?
A: Live broadcasting is the new way stars are connecting with their fans. You can chat, game, do tutorials, sing, hold giveaways, and much more!

Q: Who’s on LiveMe?
A: Everyone! LiveMe is for up-and-coming stars as well as famous celebrities! People broadcast about all types of things: From fashion, music, gaming, to art and beauty. If you are looking for an app to broadcast your skills, LiveMe is it!

Q: How do I make new friends on LiveMe?
A: Go into a live broadcast, comment, or use flying comments to talk to the broadcaster. You can also send gifts to get the broadcaster’s attention. If you connect with someone, there’s also a direct messaging option.

Q: How do I find people to follow?
A: We have a recommendation list for new users. We’ll show you awesome people. You can also find different categories of broadcasts from the Discovery page.

Q: What kind of stuff are people talking about on LiveMe right now?
A: People are talking about what’s happening across the globe, what’s trending and more! You’ll find it among the feature list as well as on the Nearby page.

Q: How will people find my broadcast?
A: First, set a cover photo which can show people your content and why they should join your broadcast. Make sure you give it an appropriate category too. LiveMe is full of passionate people who are constantly checking the discovery section with categories, featured lists, and the nearby page.

Q: How can I earn money on LiveMe?
A: You can earn money by holding Live broadcasts and sharing awesome content, playing games such as Quizbiz, watching our Talent Shows, participating in contests and answering questions.

Q: Will I earn real money and actually get paid?
A: Yes. At LiveMe we believe in fulfilling our promises and being true to our word. You will get paid REAL money.

Q: Am I ready to download LiveMe, video chat with new friends around the world, become next generation of influencers who can influence others?
A: Yes.


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