Easy Tool For Whatsapp New App

Features Of application

1.Walk and chat
This Feature gives you semi-transparent screen so that you can see the road while walking and chatting to avoid an accident.

2.Unsaved Numbers
With this feature, you can send a message to any unsaved number on whatscan or you can find weather number is present on WhatsApp or not.

3.Ascii Faces
This feature enables you to send ascii faces to your friends it will work with those mobiles who doesn’t have whatscan emojis.

4.Text Repeater
Text repeater allows you to write any sentence or word and repeat it how many times you want in just one click and you can send it to WhatsApp facebook directly.

5.Caption Status
Whatscan facebook status with categories like sad status, cool status, attitude status etc..

6.Text to Emoji
This feature allows you to write any message name into your chosen emojie.. Isn’t it cool? In just one click you can copy and share on social media.

7.Whatsapp status Saver
With this feature, you can save your friends status on WhatsApp and repost it.

8.Whatsapp Shortcuts
This feature enables you to open whatz app with shaking the phone. Speak open WhatsApp command to open WhatsApp instantly.
Speak and open WhatsApp.

9.Whatsapp Gallery
You can manage all the media of whatz app like photos videos documents from one place only.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated by any other app. This app is made by us and please mail us for any queries and complaints.


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