Multiple Videos At Same Time


– Android Q Ready
– (Now uses Android’s built-in File Picker)


– No more requested permissions
– Updated all SDKs and APIs to latest version.


– Saving multiple configurations now possible.
– Added separate volume function for each video.
– (Swipe up or down on each video to change volume of each video)
– New icons and assets with different densities.


– Removed seldom used functions like full-screen and stream support.
– Removed banner ads.

The screen is divided into four equal parts.

You can load a video on any of the four parts by clicking on the plus (+) icon.
You can remove a video from any of the four parts by clicking on the cross (x) icon.
Loaded videos are in auto-loop and auto-play mode.
Each video has its own set of media controls which include pause, play, backward, forward, and seek.
The plus (+) icons and the cross (x) icons are removed during playback so as not to be intrusive.
Auto-loading and auto-resume of last video(s) played.
Save multiple video combination configurations using the provided 9 slots.
Super lightweight.


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