Best Hidden Camera & Mic Detector App

How to use this application. How to find the camera?

Only on a single element, the Hidden Camera Detector detects the magnetic field that an electronic device should not be present in your room / house. Just turn on the app and start turning in your room. The application displayed and a hidden device is found !!


Move apps near any device you have in doubt. Like shower, pot, lens watching a party or change the mirror of the room.
This application analyzes the magnetic activity around the device. If the magnetic activity seems similar to that of the camera activity, this app will beep and sound the alarm for you so that you can study more.
This hidden camera detector allows you to detect the hidden camera around you. This application is the best and easiest solution for your privacy and security.
The apps provides all the features without advertising. It detects hidden cameras and microphones. It also acts as a device detector.
Hidden camera detector made to detect disguised camera all the objectives you suspect are present in your location.

Please note – You must move the app to your sensor. To find out the sensor position of your phone, have a camera and move up near your phone and at the bottom of your phone. When it rings, you find the position of the sensor

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